SVR - architects

The first renovation phase by SVR-ARCHITECTS will start in January and last until autumn of 2021.

This first phase in the long-term renovation plan has been made possible by numerous generous donations from artists, galleries, private donors and companies. Additional resources will be required to complete the renovation plan.

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Art funding

The generous funds of both individuals and companies contribute to the image of the museum. The museum is appreciative of every gift it receives. As a partner you actively support the cultural and social objectives of the museum. At the same time your support can underline your corporate objectives. It is our wish to build a long-lasting relationship with our sponsors and to materialize together our ambitious projects for the future. There are different levels of sponsorship with a different return of visibility for your company.

• As a structural partner your company becomes a privileged partner of all exhibitions
• As an exhibition partner your company becomes the privileged partner of one particular exhibition
• You become a member of the Corporate Club by contributing this specific sum to the museum
• As project partner your company associates itself with a specific project.
• As a residence partner, you support the residency programme at the House Van Wassenhove and The Wunderkammer Residence.

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