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20.05 - 31.05.2020
WE - SU⎟10am - 5pm

Book your tickets

● Visitors who make reservations in advance will be given priority when entering the museum
● Initially, access will be granted only to individual visitors or together with household members.
● When reserving your tickets, your reduction can be selected in step 2. Payment is done cashless on site, the museumpass can be scanned in remotely.
● We work with a system of time blocks and quotas to spread the number of visitors (30 per hour) safely over the day and spaces.


Inside the museum

● Inside the museum, rules of social distancing apply, where every effort has been made to ensure that visitors can maintain the desired distance of at least 1.5 metres by means of barriers, arrows and other interventions.
● We provide disinfectant.
● Contact-sensitive elements (doors, handles, banisters, etc.) are thoroughly cleaned several times a day.
● The sanitary facilities can only be used on request in urgent cases.
● The visitor's guides are available online. If you would like a paper brochure, please request one at the museum desk:
- Francis Upritchard  — Big Fish Eat Little Fish
- Gary Hume — Destroyed School Paintings
● We trust that visitors will respect the instructions given by our staff on site as part of a guaranteed safe visit.


Francis Upritchard — Big Fish Eat Little Fish  & Gary Hume — Destroyed School Paintings
01.03.2020 - 31.05.2020

7th Biennial of Painting - Binnenskamers / Huis Clos / Inner Spaces
26.07.2020 - 18.10.2020

Under current corona - measures, group visits are not possible until further notice. The measures will be relaxed in accordance with government guidelines. We will also keep you informed about our summer camps. A visit to the Woning Van Wassenhove and The Wunderkammer Residence is also not possible at the moment.

As a museum, we follow the 7-point plan previously presented to the Flemish Government by the Flemish Museums Consultation, Regional Museums Consultation, ICOM Belgium Flanders - ICOM Belgique Wallonie-Bruxelles, Musées et Société en Wallonie, Brussels Museum and FARO.

1. strict control of a maximum number of visitors, 1 person per 15m2
2. online reservation and purchase of tickets, with the possibility of making reservations by telephone at the counter
3. limitation and distribution of visitors, initially only individual visitors will be granted access (or together with members of one household)
4. the museum staff will not only take care of the distance between the objects, but will also pay attention to the distance between visitors.
5. the museum provides a route in the exhibits with the necessary signs to keep a sufficient distance and follow the route
6. the museum provides security and sanitation equipment at strategic locations to disinfect hands if required.
7. the museum will strictly adhere to the current as well as future measures imposed by the government

As an additional precaution, the MDD is forced to remove the museum shop, the brochures and the seats for an indefinite period of time.

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