On the occasion of the exhibition Fringe - William N. Copley, Saskia Pintelon & Jenny Watson, we have published the edition NO NEWS GOOD NEWS by Saskia Pintelon.

Each copy of this special edition consists of 100 reproductions of the collage series NO NEWS GOOD NEWS, currently on display at MDD, bundled in a unique artist portfolio folder created by the artist. The editions are now on view until the end of the exhibition at MDD.

In the collage series NO NEWS GOOD NEWS artist Saskia Pintelon (born 1945, Kortrijk) works with the news from The New York Times and the local Sinhalese papers. Both absurd, local 'faits divers' and larger political and social issues, such as the Donald Trump election and the rise of the #MeToo movement, are part of her visual range. Through an almost surrealistic process of misrepresentation, collage and stream-of-consciousness, Pintelon gives an idiosyncratic view of local and global events.

Importance is given to what is overlooked, and vice versa, the banality of ‘big' news is exposed. The strong visual quality of Pintelon's newspapers automatically forces us to stop and reflect. They confront the viewer with news we overlook as a resulkt of the overflow of information and levelling. The edited newspapers are subversive, at times poignant, anarchistic, cynical or sentimental, but it is always Pintelon's typical humanistic-ironic view of her environment that charms the viewer.

- 100 reproductions of the collage series NO NEWS GOOD NEWS
- offsetprint on Cyclus 100gr paper in Muskat grey artist portfolio folder
- edition of 120
- each folder is unique and created by the artist
- numbered & signed by the artist

€ 450


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