Huis van Wassenhove, Juliaan Lampens (photo: Rik Vannevel)


In the autumn of 2015, the museum Dhondt-Dhaenens started with a residency program in the region of lys river. Two notable buildings will fulfil this assignment: villa DD/ and the house Van Wassenhove.

Residents are selected based on a proposal for a research project in progress or in need of reflection. The residence needs to be a place of dialogue and encounter, an opportunity for thinkers and creators to connect and to meet. House Van Wassenhove can also be a place where artists and small collectives can develop projects together.

There is no fixed time period, a residency can last 2 days or 3 months, depending the needs and intentions of the resident and the availability of the house. Some of the residences will be filled and followed in close cooperation with the Faculties of Architecture and Arts Science of the University of Ghent.

Villa DD/, located along the river lys (leie) near the museum, will be transformed in 2016 into an impressive work of artist Hans Op De Beeck. it will also host the library of Jan Hoet and serve as a residence.

Project proposals for residencies should be sent to

Juliaan Lampens, Woning Van Wassenhove, 1972-74

The House Van Wassenhove

From October to March the house Van Wassenhove will be reserved for residency programmes for artists, writers and researchers. The property is an ideal place to reflect, conceptualize, write or investigate a project providing peace and isolation. The objective is to intensify the contact between artists and researchers.

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Hans Op De Beeck, Location (9), 2015, scale model

Villa DD/ - Location (9)

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