© Sophie Kuijken, foto: Henk Schoenmakers

Henk Schoenmakers

Picture this: Sophie Kuijken

27/03/2011 - 05/06/2011

At first glance, the works of Sophie Kuijken (b. 1965 Bruges) look like meticulously executed realistic portraits. The realistic technique she uses is of a deceptive nature. The people portrayed are in fact not historical figures, or acquaintances of the artist. Nor are the anonymous people one might encounter on the street. The subtle morphological changes make the human figures that populate the works of Sophie Kuijken seem unworldly and strange. Their strange physical appearance and often confrontational icy glance have a strange and even disturbing effect on the viewer. Sophie Kuijken’s work confronts us with something elusive that is not part of our reality, but that leads us to another, unknown and mysterious reality.

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