Sculpture, Valeurs inversées, 1973 (copyrights: Didier Vermeiren / ADAGP)

Didier Vermeiren

22/01/2012 - 01/04/2012

Didier Vermeiren (b. 1951, Brussels) belongs to a generation of Belgian artists who greatly codetermined the art discourse of the 1980s. Since then, employing the achievements of conceptual and minimal art, these artists have reflected, each in a very personal way, on how to re-invent the visual language of Western art history. The entire oeuvre of Didier Vermeiren is marked by a fundamental questioning of the sculptural tradition and the possibilities of sculpture today. In his most famous works, Vermeiren examines the significance of the base, including through elevating its status to that of 'sculpture'.
In his recent work, Vermeiren condenses resonances from art history and propositions generated by the creative power and imagination of the artist. Reflections on the meaning and impact of sculpture are combined with experimentation with materials and techniques. For his exhibition at the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Didier Vermeiren will present an ensemble of monumental sculptures that will, through their impact on the surrounding area, undoubtedly engage in a fascinating dialogue with the play of light and the architecture of the museum.

Tentoonstellingszicht (copyrights: Didier Vermeiren / ADAGP - foto: Virginie Schreyen)
Tentoonstellingszicht (copyrights: Didier Vermeiren / ADAGP - foto: Virginie Schreyen)
La maison #2, 2009 (copyrights: Didier Vermeiren / ADAGP - foto: Virginie Schreyen)
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