Courtesy dépendance, Brussel / photo: Virginie Schreyen

Courtesy dépendance, Brussels / photo: Virginie Schreyen

Andreas Slominski

21/10/2012 - 13/01/2013

Andreas Slominski (b. 1959 Germany) is known for the way in which he radically rethinks objects and situations by following his own logic. Andreas Slominski became known with his traps which he started to construct from the mid 1980s onward. In the meantime, he has designed and knocked together a whole series of traps. They are constructed in an imaginative and humorous manner, but precisely because of their very form and function, they simultaneously also provoke a sense of unease and discomfort in the viewer.

His oeuvre consists of enigmatic structures that challenge the viewer into deciphering the relationship between the design and the purpose of the object/artwork. For the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Slominski turns his exhibition/installation into an all-encompassing project, as well as an undoubtedly haunting experience for the viewer.

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