(photo: rik vannevel)

(photo: rik vannevel)

Winter Harvest

05/02/2017 - 09/04/2017

Ana Prvački, Naama Tsabar, Joris Van de Moortel, Andy Wauman

Winter Harvest is a group exhibition bringing together four young artists from Belgium and abroad for whom music, subculture and performances are important sources of inspiration. Originating in their personal fascination with certain cultural phenomena and everyday codes, the artists enter in dialogue with each other but also with the exhibition space. Despite the diversity of their visual language, these intuitive works inspire associations with notions of freedom, escape and eroticism. Winter Harvest appeals first of all to the senses of the viewer, where immaterial forms such as light, sound and movement prevail. These artists will complement this ‘vibrating’ space with a series of new performances.

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Performances: Sunday 5 February, start at 11 am

11.00am Ana Prvacki
12.00am Joris Van de Moortel
13.00pm Andy Wauman & Mo Becha

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weblinks: Ana Prvacki / Naama Tsabar / Joris Van de Moortel / Andy Wauman

Collector's Room # 14: Black / White with
Andy Wauman
(Deweer Gallery, Otegem)

Transitions #3
Naama Tsabar
(Spinello Projects, Miami)

The 10 commandments for the guitar player in Vienna
Joris Van de Moortel
(Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna)

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