Henk Schoenmakers

© Albert Servaes, photo: Henk Schoenmakers

Albert Servaes

16/01/2011 - 13/03/2011

The Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens owns several works by Albert Servaes (Ghent 1883 - Lucerne 1966), including the famous series of seven drawings about the Passion story, dating from 1919. In 2009 the museum had the unique opportunity to further complement the Servaes collection through the acquisition of an impressive and colourful series of twelve vertical panel paintings, made in 1934. In this series, unlike in the works from the 1920’s, Servaes seeks to connect with a more classical model, which makes his expressionist composition more restrained.

The exhibition Albert Servaes is part of a continuation of the 'collection deepening’series which the MDD has organized in recent years around artists represented in the collection. The aim of the exhibition is to place the work of this currently often misunderstood artist in the spotlight and emphasize the significance of Albert Servaes in the development of Flemish Modernism.

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