© Michel Frere, photo: Henk Schoenmakers

© Michel Frere, photo: Henk Schoenmakers

Michel Frere

16/01/2011 - 13/03/2011

The work of the Belgian artist Michel Frère (Brussels 1961-1999) is hardly known in Flanders. He died in 1999, barely 38 years old. In the 1980’s and 90’s he made large abstract and pasty paintings against all the then reigning trends. The many layers of paint make the works very heavy, characterized by a complex texture. The monumental size and the specific paint layers put these works into a fascinating dialogue with the daylight and the architectural space. His paintings are both heavy and light as a feather, layered and yet impenetrable. The exhibition in the MDD brings together, aside from a series of paintings, a number of remarkable sculptures by Michel Frère as well.

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