Stille Post - A Phone Diary

08/10/2020 - 08/10/2020

Stille Post - A Phone Diary is a short film accompanying the lithography series by the artist Maki Na Kamura. The concept is based on the children's game of "Chinese whispers" or “telephone", where one person whispers something in the neighbor's ear, who then passes on what s/he understood (or misunderstood) to the next participant until, in the end, the last person reveals a message transformed by the inevitable misunderstandings. Na Kamura's edition itself plays this game on a visual level: attentive viewers will see certain elements subtly repeated from one lithograph to the next.

Na Kamura exhibited at MDD in 2017. Steine legen, Äpfel lesen was the first solo exhibition of the artist in Belgium. An artistic exploration of the importance and impact of the medium today is the basis of Maki Na Kamura's (Japan, living and working in Berlin) vibrant painting. By using an extremely individual colour palette and painting technique, Maki Na Kamura creates contemporary pictorial spaces. Based on art historical references, she relies on a long painting tradition. In her paintings, Na Kamura assimilates compositions and motifs of classical masterpieces by artists such as Giorgione, Nicolas Poussin and Jean-François Millet but also refers to oriental art history and philosophy. Rather than merely quoting, she searches doggedly for the pictorial qualities and contemporaryity of her inspiration sources.

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