Henk Schoenmakers

© Guy Braeckman (AD/art bvba)

Wade Guyton

15/03/2009 - 31/05/2009

Wade Guyton (b. 1972, Hammond, Indiana, lives and works in New York) is considered along other artists such as Kelley Walker, Seth Price and Josh Smith to belong to a new generation of American artists that added a new dimension to the heritage of abstract modernism and Pop Art. With large Epson printers, Guyton creates monochrome images on canvas. Because he uses a material that is not intended for inkjet printers - canvas is a medium used for oil paintings - imperfections result, as the ink interacts in a strange manner with the texture of the canvas. By passing the canvas several times through the printer, the works are transformed in pitch-black monochromes with scratches, creases, folds and traces of the printer head.

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