© Henk Schoenmakers

© Henk Schoenmakers

Albert Saverys

14/12/2008 - 01/03/2009

Albert Saverys (b. Deinze, 1886, d. 1964) is often considered a follower or imitator of the great Flemish expressionists, mainly because he acquired fame with many variations on the landscape of the Leie valley, which he created between 1930 and the time of his death in 1964. Yet as early as the 1920s he developed a particularly personal and expressive style that is clearly distinct from that of his fellow artists Gust De Smet, Constant Permeke and Frits Van den Berghe, who during the same decade were developing a style of their own. Saverys created still lifes, portraits and landscapes, experimenting with paint, colour and composition, without ever resorting to easy or merely pleasing plastic solutions. The exploration of the MDD collection therefore focuses in first instance on the adventurous manner in which Saverys experimented with the medium of painting between 1925 and 1940. 

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